Crate Training and Containing Your Pit Bull
Chako Pit Bull Rescue
Why do I need a crate or kennel. Can't I just leave my dog in the back yard
when I'm gone.
Generally, no. If you are away from your home for hours every day, it's not a good idea to leave your dog
unsupervised in the back yard. Dogs often like to dig, and many dogs have dug under fences and escaped.
Other dogs are capable of jumping a six-foot fence, and Pit Bulls, in particular, can be escape artists. Boards get
loose, and dogs can push through them. The wind can knock over part of your fence while you're away, and
your dog can then escape your back yard. If your dog escapes your back yard, it can be hit by a car or get into
fights with other animals. If your dog causes harm to any person, animal, or property, you can be held liable.
What is a crate.
A crate is a plastic or wire box that can be your dog's bed and a
safe place for your dog to stay when he or she cannot be
Crates like the
one pictured create a more den
like e
for your dogs. Wire crates, on the other hand, let your dog see
more of his or her environment and, as a bonus, generally fold
flat for easy travel and storage.
The type of crate you buy is up to you. There are even very
strong crates made spec
ifically for dogs that are escape artists.
One such crates is the "empire crate" made by ProSelect,
which has heavy bars and two sliding/locking latches for the
Why should I crate my dog.
Crating allows you to safely contain your dog and, when needed, keep your dog separate from other animals.
In addition, it can become a haven for your dog and act as his or her own personal space. To be safest, collars
should be removed when your dog is locked in his or her crate.
How do I crate-train my dog.
Crate-training can be accomplished in many ways. The easiest and best way to crate train your dog is to buy a
crate, fill it with safe, comfortable bedding, and leave the door open. Put toys and food in the crate and let
your dog go in and out at his or her own leisure. Feed your dog his or her meals in the crate, leaving the door
open. Once your dog is going to the crate on his own and resting inside, you can start to close the door for
short periods. A good time to introduce a closed door is during feeding time. As soon as your dog is done
feeding, open the door.
When you leave your dog in the crate and close the door, always treat your dog. Never use the crate as a